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  • South Brunswick High School

    South Brunswick-
    My school is looking for a band director starting ASAP.  I wanted to send you this email to outline all the wonderful things about this place.  Feel free to edit this message as you see fit, and please let them know to contact me at any time as my principal is wanting someone here quick.  They can text me at 9106196890 or email me at  Lastly, I ask that whoever reads this email that they keep it confidential and not make it public as I have not told my students yet.  I am doing that Thursday.  Thank you so much for sending this out!
    Personal Information
    1. Salary is not 10 month but 11.5 month
    2. There is an additional teacher supplement that starts at $2800 (depending on years taught)
    3. There is an additional band director supplement that starts at $1400 (depending on years taught)
    4. Health (individual 70/30), dental, and vision are pretty cheap compared to other districts
    5. $5,000 life insurance provided
    1. Non-profit organization
    2. They work EXTREMELY well with me, and are very cooperative and supportive.  Whenever I need something they make it happen
    3. Funds are rarely an issue.  We missed out on a lot last year after Hurricane Florence and are still doing ok.
    4. These parents are awesome.  Lots of helping hands for competitions, fundraisers, concession stand...
    5. Concessions:  we operate all outside concession stands (JV and Varsity football, soccer (boys and girls), JV and Varsity baseball, LAX)...generates a lot of income each year
    6. Fundraising:  We have established a few fundraisers that generate a lot of income for us.  Already established and there are parents that know how to set them up
    7. Booster Board:  already established and experienced
    Facilities and Equipment (non-instrumental)
    1. 20' Box Truck with two levels for transporting instruments
    2. 8.5'x20' Enclosed trailer (pulled by box truck) for extra storage for transport
    3. Scaffolding tower with enclosed stairs (goes up to 30' but I only use half that).  Super sturdy and safe
    4. Command center drum major podium for performances and a standard scaffolding set for the rehearsal field
    5. Parking lot for marching band practice field-goes 20 to 20 and pit area all the way back to visitor hash
    6. We are getting astro turf for our football field this year, so there will be more opportunity for the marching band to practice in the stadium
    7. Digimet D4-metronome and wireless mic projector.  Can be operated with a remote control (which we have)
    8. iMac that was just upgraded (hardware and software), brand new 15" macbook pro, brand new iPad pro 12.9
    9. Pyware 8
    10. Finale 2014 with midi input device
    11. Office printer (laserjet)
    12. DVD/CD Burner (burns 5 at once)
    13. Smartboard
    14. Shop sink to bathe instruments
    15. Plenty of storage rooms and lockers
    16. Winter guard and winter percussion floors, each with their own tarps
    17. Also have some chromebooks we received from donors choose
    18.  2 tiered podium and a director stand
    Equipment (instrumental)
    1. Phenomenal set of Jupiter silver brass:  9 trumpets, 5 mellos, 8 baritones, 4 sousaphones.  Maintained annually so they are still like new
    2. Phenomenal set of concert equipment including piccolos (one is grenadilla), oboes (one is grenadilla), bassoons, tenor saxes, bari saxes, trombones (including a true bass trombone), 3+1 euphs and 4 valve euphs, several tubas include three 5/4 rotary tubas
    3. Percussion inventory is one of the best in the area:  full size front ensemble on field frames, battery equipment is 6 years old, sound system is a couple years old including behringer 32 mixer, 2 amps, two 18" subs, and 2 15" speakers with all the cables, mics, mic holders for boards you would need, 2 sound samplers, a drumset cart and 2 synth carts by pageantry innovations, nice sturdy gong stand, 2 concert bass drums, and a percussion rack for auxiliary performers.  Concert equipment is outstanding:  multiple drumsets, several snare drums, field drums, most of your common accessories, latin equipment, a plethora of cymbals for marching and concert, storage system in storage room for equipment.
    Other perks
    1. We use Charms, which is great for organizing EVERYTHING!
    2. Huge, HUGE music library for all the occasions, already organized, already inventoried.
    3. Most of the equipment is also inventoried into charms
    4. We aren't required to participate at away varsity football games
    5. ***THIS IS BIG:  WE DON'T PAY FOR ANY TRANSPORTATION TO ANYTHING*** - Yes, you read that correctly.  So competitions, MPA, honor bands, all-district, all-state, all-county, parades, everything we pay ZERO for travel (county covers it)
    6. We get $7,000 at the end of the year for capital outlay purchases (instruments, equipment, etc.)
    7. In the Fall of 2020, my school will be getting new uniforms (design process is starting this Fall.  Director will design the new uniform)
    8. Lots of community support as well as support from the administration and faculty
    9. Everything is already planned out:  marching band, staff, budget, concert dates, reservations for all the concerts at our community auditorium, parades, district, etc. it's all on Charms.
    10. I have to say this again because it's just that big of a deal:  the parents here are awesome, and there are some families that have gone above and beyond to make this job easier.  Without them this program wouldn't be where it's at.  The support is definitely here!
    I'm sure there's more that I cannot remember, but if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me at 9106196890 or  This place is a gold mine, and I hate leaving it but I am excited to be moving closer to family.